Creative Art

I have commented before on how wonderful the internet is for displaying the native creativity of people.  Here is another example.  The proprietor here does this work in his spare time, and it is pretty incredible.

“As a law enforcement officer, guns and knives are part of my basic tools of the trade,” he told us. “Like many fellow officers, I have a passion for both. It wasn’t long before cops, military personnel and collectors started sending me their knives to coat. That’s how Up-Armored was born.”

After working on many high end knives for a while, Will decided to try his hand at knife-making. After several years of honing his knife craft (pun intended) and giving away a lot of knives, he added custom knives to the Up-Armored line-up.

“I turn out around 25 knives a year,” Will told us, “the majority of them tacticals made of 1095 chorme vanadium, which I can get hair-popping sharp with a convex edge. I apply Duracoat, a firearm finish, in a variety of colors and patterns. My sheathes are constructed by lining Kydex with leather—this both eliminates the scratches and the rattles assocated with Kydex.”

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