Okay that’s just about the end…

Okay that’s just about the end of my experiment with Delta airlines. They posted a 2 HR delay then said oops my bad it’s only 40 min.

UPDATE:  Then the aircraft showed up earlier than they had projected, and the moved the departure time back to only 20 minutes late.  Get everyone on, buckled up and ready to go and we sit.  Turns out the APU was non functional.  No air to start the engine, no air conditioning on the aircraft.  Then the ground start cart failed and they had to find another one.  Suddenly, we are 1 hr past our original departure time and STILL SITTING AT THE GATE.  I can understand flow control, I can understand traffic congestion but stuck because the ground crew doesn’t know what to do and no urgency in figuring it out… doesn’t go over too well.

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