The Fallen

I have refrained from posting anything about the events in Afghanistan on 5 Aug.  Events like these leave me at a loss for words, and there are others that somehow manage to find the words that very closely match my thoughts.  As I so often do, I am going to refer you “Lex” and his thoughts on the day.  A quick excerpt is below.

I don’t believe I ever met any of the fallen heroes from DevGru. I don’t know their names, have not seen their faces. They shun recognition from anyone not of their tribe, knowing that no one not of them can appreciate what they have gone through, what they have accomplished, what they have been forced to do. But I have met them, or men like them.

Like Lex, I too have met a few of these warriors in my time.  They are a cut above, and a breed apart who do the things that most mortals can only imagine.  They do it without complaint, and they operate with humility shunning the spotlight.  Recently, they have operated with a tempo that is unprecedented in modern history.

Two final thoughts.  For the first I refer you over to Kyle Defoor, a man who earned a Trident and operated as a member of this tribe.  His entire post is below.

As a whole, we are diminished by this loss.

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