First Aid

There is a thread that is running around the intrawebz of one “outdoorsman” that had the distinct misfortune of filming himself during a shooting drill.  Long story short, he made a mistake during his draw stroke that resulted in a negligent discharge.  That’s a fancy way of saying that he shot himself in the leg.  The good news is that it was a non-crtical injury and he will be just fine.  Between the time that he called 911 and the arrival of the medics, he was able to treat himself.  Stopping the bleeding, and dressing the wound, and controlling the shock.

All that said, do you have an individual first aid kit (IFAK)?  Is your IFAK stocked in such a way that you can deal with more than cuts and scrapes?  Do you know where the IFAK is?  Most importantly, are you TRAINED and SKILLED enough to use what you have?

As Todd over at Pistol points out:

Tex Grebner was not attacked by zombies or the United Nations. He was shot while practicing on the range. Because he had a blowout kit and knew how to use it, he was able to stop his blood loss and dress his wounds before the emergency services people could even get to him.

How some people can be so dense as to think bullet wounds only “count” in a combat zone is beyond me. Of course, these tend to be the same people who sign up for Tactical Warrior Carbine IV seven times and never take a first aid or CPR class.

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