A Lesson from Tuscon

Over at the Washington Post, they did a quick little piece on one of the difference makers in the shooting in Tucson on 8 Jan 11.  Go read it, I’ll wait.

So my question to you, where is your IFAK.  Is it adequately equipped?  Do you know how to use it?  Do you have enough of them stored where you need them?  Has it got more than band-aids in it?  Is there a tourniquet in there?  How about an Israeli Battle Dressing?  Do you know what it looks like when you nick an artery?  Can you stop that bleeding in time?

Lifesaving tools, it doesn’t take a lot to bleed out.  Depending on the injury, it can be relatively easy to stop that bleeding, and save that life.  Particularly if you have the tools.

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