Times are a changing….

…but are things going too far??

The whole DNA swab by the TSA propsal thing that is being discussed across the media took me a bit off guard.  Who thinks that this is a good idea?  What is the benefit to the general public?  Do you remember the film Gattaca?  Are we headed down that path to a level of identification and discrimination within our society that would be unprecedented in my lifetime?

Then I ran across this post over at the Mad Ogre’s.  In this case, the step by the government dictating the course of our lives is seemingly more minor and innocous but comes with some unintended consequences.  

To top it all off, we are seeing the activities in the Middle East spill across into the rhetoric coming from folks like Louis Farrakhan.  I get the feeling that there is a confluence of events building.  If the situation winds up with the right surrounding attitudes, and fuel, things around this country could get very very ugly.   

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