You may remember the ongoing meme that made the rounds… “What would so and so do”? The so and so could be Teddy Roosevelt, or Chuck Norris, or (my favorite) Jack Bauer. This meme kind of went along with the “Cowboy up” motivator that was used by the Red Sox in their world series run. It has taken on a variety of flavors over the past few years / decade but Kyle Defoor has put up his 12 step plan that you should go take a look at.

Kyle is a pretty low key guy most of the time that he writes. But every once in a while someone does something that results in Kyle laying it out there in plain English. Here is a quick excerpt but really go read the whole thing.

4. Please don’t offer advice on war or foreign policy if you’ve never been there, done that. ( ex.- President & VP, Any Hollywood actor, any Vietnam era draft dodging pussy (Bill Clinton).

5. Buy a fuckin gun and learn to use it correctly. Why do you think it’s the Second Amendment? Maybe because the founders of this nation thought it important?

6. You have canine teeth for slicing meat, so eat it.

7. Ride a chopper, listen to metal – No explanation needed.

In the mean time HTFUA.

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