Time Capsule

I feel like I have entered my own personal time capsule with this business trip to Pasco / Richland / Kenniwick.  So far in the last 8 hours I have seen restaurants that I have totally forgotten existed, driven by firms that were personal employment targets (CH2MHill, Battelle, Fluor, etc.) and seen a model of vehicle that I owned in 1990 and haven’t seen since ’93.

To top that all off, I woke up to the Columbia River rolling by my hotel window along with a tumbleweed or two.

My mother was kind enough to remind me that I have family in the area (which I did remember).  She then went on to layout the long list of families that have roots here to which I am related, even if I haven’t met any of them.

Walking into meetings at the Red Lion, was a very strange feeling.  The décor is the same as every other one, it is just that 20+ year break that is making this surreal.

I think that the only thing that would make this an even stranger experience would be if the project was in Troutdale, or Gresham, or Beaverton.

This is a very strange “place” to be in…. but it’s a good thing.

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