Train Like Your Life Depends On Fitness

Below is a link to a brief post by Alden Mills, ex-SEAL and the guy who runs the “Perfect Fitness” company.  Go read it.

Train Like Your Life Depends On Fitness.

What I find really interesting, is that I cannot easily remember what the minimum USMC PFT scores were.  All I can recall is what I the max. scores that we could achieve were that’s all that we were ever interested in is maxing that score.   Except when a few of us got rebellious one day and tried to just squeak it by.  That did not work out so well.

Let’s see what happens when I try and dust of that potion of the organic data center….

Pullups – Max 20 … Min 3 (?)

Situps – Max 100… Min 40 (2 minute limit)

3 mile run – Max pts. 18 min … Min Points…30 min(?),

The run varied by age too.  All I remember for sure is the max points goals, that is all that mattered.

If I recall correctly, achieving the min. standard in all three events resulted in a fail.  It was not enough overall points to get you a passing PFT score.

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