Thought of The Day

Well maybe more of a “Story of The Day”.  Over at Lex’s place he has pulled together a local look at yesterday, today, and the last nine years.  In reading it, I found myself captivated by his observations and his story line.  When I finally reached those last couple of paragraphs I found that he hit the nail on the head.

My physical therapist emigrated from Jordan 22 years ago, and became a naturalized citizen some years afterward. He is a kind and jovial man, an excellent technician who has much relieved the pain that was bothering me. As he does his work we talk lightly about sports and hobbies, more seriously about our families. Like me, he is trying to make do, earn his living, pay his taxes. Like me, he wonders how his children will make it through the world. Unlike me, he is a Muslim, and even as I enjoy his company and appreciate his ministrations, I find myself wondering what he thinks about all of this in his heart of hearts. And I hate that in myself.

With so many friends, and colleagues that I have that are Muslims, I really hate that I have become so paranoid about the thoughts they might have that I never know about.

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