Korean Garands

A lot of controversy surrounding a recent decision to not allow the return or sale of a number of weapons that we provided to S. Korea.  Seems to me that it all is a bunch of nonsense.  We provided the weapons under a “lend – lease” agreement and never expected to have them returned, or to be paid for them.  I mean come on, the likelihood of the material to be either destroyed, lost, or consumed during combat or relief operations meant that none of the lend lease stuff was ever coming back to the states.

Now, S. Korea want to make a little extra cash and sell a large quantity of M1 Garands and M1 Carbines on the US market.  These are collectors pieces that would be welcomed by US consumers.  It seems to me that this is a winning decision for all involved.  However the current administration is actively blocking this activity.

In any case Chuck Z has done an interesting break down at his site, here.

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