Seven to One

Lex had an opportunity to pull together a post on the recent stabbing of a NYC cab driver.  The whole thing is here, and as usual is a very well constructed.  I expect nothing less from a Boat School grad.  If I had been able to win the nomination to the school back when I tried, Lex is another one of those folks that would have been a peer.  But, I digress.

Lex has a well written piece in play that calls it the way that it is.  Here is one of the money quotes that should really get your attention:

…there are approximately 5 million Jews in the US and around 7 million Muslims, the number of hate crimes against the former outpaced the latter about seven-to-one in the five most recent years…

Go read it, and puzzle about the way our culture is so frenetic in it’s reaction to events without considering the bigger picture.

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