3 Gun Meme

There has been a “meme” floating around  from the Firing Pin Journal that I thought I would try my hand at.

The premise: One Handgun, One Rifle, One Shotgun. You are able to choose just one of each for self defense with NO modifications.

  • Handgun:  .45ACP Springfield XD
  • Shotgun:  Mossberg 590A1
  • Rifle:  AR-15:  A2 Style

I could just as easily go with a 1911 for the handgun but, I like the XD and I like the larger magazine capacity over the 1911.

Mossberg vs 870 vs Ithaca Pump….  I give the nod to Mossberg but it is personal preference.

While I would typically prefer a heavier round than the 5.56 of an AR-15, it is a proven and “debugged” weapons system.  I know it well, and with an A2 style I can consistently hit what I aim at from 500m in to close range.  Others that came to mind:  M1,  M1A, AR-10.

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