So Weird

Evidently something unusual has been taking place at PSU.  Even though I matriculated from PSU oh so many moons ago, I tend to skim through news items and ignore the goings on there.  The school and I parted ways when I left Portland.  This morning, I am running through my rss feeds and Say Uncle pops up with a story at confrontations at PSU.

I am intrigued and click the link up pops an Oregon Live page with the story.  I read through thinking (among other things) :  Interesting stuff…. Oh Shit, I know him….  FBI Informant….  WTF???

I finish the article, kind of shake my head at the reported chain of events and reactions of some people and then look at the web page again.  Right there at the top of the page is an advertisement that looks like this:


Now it gets really weird.  My mother was the Office Manager for the PYP for many years.  My sister played violin in the PYP for many years.

To semi randomly find a link from a blogger that I believe is in Tennesse, that links to an article about someone I know, in Oregon, at a place that I have not been for 15 years or more is amazing.

To run across an advertisement on that same article that relates so closely to my family history….  very, very weird.

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