MHI Coming Soon

About 16 months ago, I ran across a book Monster Hunter’s International.  I hemmed and hawed about it, do I really want to read a book about Zombies that is written by a professed B Movie addict?  Well, I decided to give it a read and bought a copy from the author who was self publishing the book.

I started reading it, and couldn’t put it down.  It hooked you in the opening pages, and never let go.  Zombies?  Uh, not really… so much more than that.  So, I was hooked and have read through it a couple of times now.  Unfortunately, it is currently out of print and has been for about a year or so.  The author signed a contract with Baen and had to stop the self publishing cycle.  Well the release date is coming up at the end of July, and Baen has begun the marketing cycle.  Larry Correa reports that:

MHI is now available on Baen’s webscriptions. The first seven chapters are available for free. For something like $15 you can purchase the E version of my book, and FOUR others that are being released at the same time.  That is awesome.

So, get yourself out to read those first seven chapters.  Then pre-order that book from Amazon.  Larry has four (or more) other MHI books lined up behind this one if it sells well.  Selfishly I would really like to read them.

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