Murder Rates Correlate to Gun Laws

Did you know that you can draw a direct correlation between murder rates and gun laws?  This should come as no surprise to anyone.  This is kind of old news, and has been reported in many other places.   Let’s take a look at the example of North Dakota

Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem says North Dakota has had only two murders so far this year. He says that’s the lowest yearly number for the state in at least 30 years.

Stenehjem says North Dakota averages about 11 homicides annually for the past several years, after a high of 22 in 1993. 16 were reported last year.

TWO.  Oh, and the method of used was stabbing.

Where guns are allowed, with little restrictions, one will see lower rates of violent death.

NORTH DAKOTA STATE LAWS — Click On Law Below For Details
Assault Weapons
Are there limitations on assault weapons? No

Ballistic Fingerprinting
Must handguns be ballistic fingerprinted prior to sale? No

Child Access Prevention – CAP
Are gun owners held accountable for leaving guns accessible to kids? No

Child-Safety Locks
Must locking devices be sold with guns? No

Childproof Handguns
Are only authorized users able to operate handguns? No

Gun Dealer Regulations
Must gun dealers adhere to state licensing and/or oversight systems? No

Gun Manufacturer Accountability
Do cities have authority to hold gun makers legally liable? No

Gun Show Loophole
Are background checks required at gun shows? No

Guns at Work
Are businesses forced to allow guns in the workplace? No

Guns on College Campuses
Are colleges/universities forced to allow guns on campus? No

Juvenile Sale
Is it illegal to sell handguns to anyone under 21 years of age? No

Large Capacity Ammunition Magazines
Are there limitations on large capacity ammunition magazines? No

License or Permit to Purchase
Is a license/permit required to buy handguns? No

Limit Bulk Purchases
Is there a one-handgun-per-month limit on sales? No

Limits on Concealed Handgun Permits
May police limit carrying concealed handguns? No

Must new semi-automatic handguns be sold with microstamping technology? No

Preemption – Local Gun Laws
May municipalities enact law stronger than the state’s? No

Record Keeping
May police maintain gun sale records? No

Are all guns registered with law enforcement? No

Report Lost/Stolen Guns
Are firearm owners required to report all lost or stolen guns to law enforcement? No

Safety Standards
Are there consumer safety standards on guns? No

Saturday Night Specials
Are there limitations on ‘junk’ handguns? No

Shoot First

Is deadly force allowed to be a first resort in public? Yes

Universal Background Checks
Are background checks required on all gun sales? No

Waiting Period
Is there a waiting period on gun sales? No

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