I read a lot of other blogs around the web.  Most often I extract what I think are interesting perspectives and opinions of others.  I give you some of my superficial thoughts on the topic and ask you to go read the whole post.  Sometimes, I make it a bit easier for you and include the whole piece.

In the past I have referred you over to Chuck Z, and his site.  Chuck has a unique perspective, and personal interest in what happens in the middle east having left bits of himself there after he was wounded.  He has been at the pointy end, defending our freedoms and for that alone he deserves our respect and thanks.  But Chuck has gone beyond that and contributed to those who have returned wounded from our efforts in Mesopotamia.  In all cases he brings a candid and pointed perspective to our world, and he shares that through his blog.  Once in a while he writes something this is a slap in the face wake up call.  Today, he has done that again, with his post IED Maker.

The guy who detonated the IED that crippled me is dead. We caught him, tried him in an Iraqi court, and they stretched his neck.

I dunno if we ever caught the guy who made the IED.

Regardless, an IED maker is a terrorist. If I catch an IED maker, whether he made the IED yesterday or 40 years ago, I’d be very conflicted as to whether to bring him to justice, or to exact instant justice–taking a knife, vise grips, and a blowtorch and replicating my wounds, injury for injury.

You NEED to read the rest, it has a profound implication on your actions November 4, 2008.  GO READ IT, watch the video clip – then make a decision.  Where do you stand?

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