Personal Defense – Relying on someone else – NOT

Given the content of today’s (16 Jul) Day By Day (see above).  I think it is time to comment on this recent story.

The first comes from Louisville.  As Breda so eloquently put it, “When seconds count…the police are a half hour away”.  Yet another reason to be able to defend yourself and your family in any situation and with any weapon.

Our friendly governments are intent of providing for services to us, in exchange we are to provide them with our treasure (in the form of taxes) and relinquish certain inalienable rights.  There is a balance to be had here between what the government should provide vs. how much the take, right now the balance of that equation is off and not in our favor.

To compound matters, we (as a society) seem unable to learn from our history and are creating a situation where mistakes are repeated.  When it comes to weapons control there are some common sense things that need to take place.  Quick Reaction weapons need to be accessible and functional on demand.  Those weapons might be handguns, shotguns, staves, bladed weapons (long or short), sticks, etc.  If you choice is a handgun then having it locked in a safe, unloaded, and possibly disassembled is not useful and entirely contrary to the spirit of the recent Heller ruling.  As a result, you will wind up with more stories like this.

So much of the recent direction that DC is taking in reaction to Heller I find to be totally absurd.  Not only do I believe that they are in contravention of the recent SCOTUS finding but they create a climate of unreasonable regulation within the District.  I know that the government of DC has been corrupt, and incompetent since …….  well for as long as I can recall paying any attention to the news.  So maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.  In any case I still find their behavior childish and absurd.

Enough of this poorly written rant.

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