Lethal Force

When I was an active Marine, we had very clear cut rules for the use of lethal force.  The civilian world, not so much.  With all of the change in society from when I was growing up, and now that I have children of my own I have become very aware of the need to insure that I provide not only a home for my family, but also to provide for their safety in every way I can.  For obvious reasons, I won’t go into details on this subject but, if you do some research you could probably surmise the layers of defense that I try and surround my loved ones with.

Every once in a while I start to look at the time and treasure that I spend on skills and equipment that I hope to never have to use and wonder if it is the right course of action.  About the time I start to ponder, something pops up that puts those thoughts firmly to rest.  I offer you this recent story as proof.

Over at Legion’s Fate CTone hits the nail on the head, commenting on this story so I won’t duplicate those thoughts too much.  Here is my favorite thought:

You can bet your ass that if I’m armed only with a knife and you try to take my kid, than your gonna think someone hurled a 230 lb. running lawnmower at your head.

Needless to say, I firmly agree with the comments.

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