Small Town Politics?

Add this one to your collection of absolutely ridiculous behaviors, related to politics.  This one comes from northern Illinois.

The former mayor is under indictment, the Village Board is hamstrung by infighting and a defiant landowner has vowed to put a pig farm on his property to stop the town from building a water tower.

But the news on everyone’s lips in far north suburban Island Lake is about Greg Kachka and his T-shirt.

The 60-year-old Vietnam veteran and former Marine was arrested at his home Tuesday and charged with two counts of disorderly conduct after two village trustees complained that, during a heated meeting, Kachka pointed his finger at them while wearing a shirt with a Marine Corps insignia that said, “Don’t Move. If You Run, You’ll Only Die Tired.”

And I thought that small towns were supposed to be friendly places.  Guess that does not apply in Island Lake.

Go here to read the whole article, I’m still shaking my head over this one.

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